AC Finals

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The DX AmeriCup Grand Championship




Routines are NOT judged on a score sheet but rather observed and RANKED based on best Showmanship and Entertainment value.

                                                                  Updated 09.26.17


THe top three highest scoring routines will advance to the grand champ round based on these age groups. teams may only occupy one slot and compete for grand champ titles!

Elementary (Avg. Gr. 5th & younger)

  • All elementary, mite, and squirt routines

Middle School / Jr. Varsity (Avg. Gr. 6th to 8th or JV)

  • All prep, middle school,  junior high, and junior varsity routines

High School (Avg. Gr. 9th to 12th)

  • All teen, varsity small, and varsity large routines

Collegiate (HS Graduates)

Tiny All Star (6 yr. & younger)

Mini All Star (9 yr. & younger)

Youth All Star (12 yr. & younger)

    Junior All Star (15 yr. & younger)

    Senior All Star (18 yr. & younger)

    Coed & All Male

    • All senior coed, open coed, senior all male, and open all male routines

    Open (14 yr.+/No Male)

    MEXICO teams automatically qualify for the Grand Championship round in addition to the 3 spots allocated to USA teams. They will compete in their specific divisions. (i.e.: if they compete as a HS team, their routine would be added to the HS Grand Champ category. NOTE: The same rule of one spot per team applies to Mexican teams.