D Testimonials

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Thank you for a spectacular week at Disney that was topped off with a phenomenal performance filled with so many talented dancers. We made memories that will last a lifetime.
— Sara Narr, Dance Revue
We all had a fabulous time. The DX staff is amazing!
— Jackie Belde, Tempo Dance
Thank you DX for a truly amazing experience with wonderful memories! Everything was just perfect!
— Carrie Fitts, Dance A Cross
One of our BEST Disney trips ever. We loved it all!
— Tamara Sundby, New Hope Dance
Thank you Lisa and all the staff at DX. My family had a great time. You made our first trip a very memorable one!
— Julie Kast, Creative Motion
Love, love, love your staff. They made everyone feel included. We had so much fun. It was magical!
— Chelle Sauro, Maggie J's
Hey Lisa
I just wanted to thank you and the awesome young ladies that helped you for all the hard work you guys did for the DX Disney event. I was amazed at how the groups came together and at what a wonderful performance they put on. Again, thank you for all of the hard work you put into making that such a wonderful and memorable experience not only for the dancers, but for all of the friends and families that we there also.
Thank you very much!!!
— Bobby-Jo Watson-Cray, Parent
I loved performing with dancers from all over. I still keep in touch with them too. Dancing at Disney was a blast. Thanks DX!
— Tyrena Murch- Dancer, MN
I’m so very happy I decided to leave Sunday instead of Saturday. Adelle is going to be so excited about the Character Breakfast on Saturday morning.
— Claire Sutton- Parent, MA
I chose Disney as our Senior trip because I wanted something extra-special for my girls. I’ve taught them since they were toddlers. To see them dance at Disney is something I’ll never forget.
— Nancy Anderson- Director, IL
I will never forget dancing at Disney and being inducted as an official Disney Cast Member. Thanks so much!
— Nyeja Warner- Dancer, GA
We make this our one big trip. Our school only allows us one event every three years. DX and Disney are our choice
— Sara Nystuen- Concordia Academy, MN
It was a fun trip for my entire family and great to watch my daughter dance on a Disney stage.
— John McMahon- Parent, TX
Loved having free time at the parks and performing instead of competing. It was more fun!
— Rebecca Johnson- Anderson HS, OK
We truly enjoyed this magical opportunity of a lifetime!
— Carol Whitmore- Parent, NJ
As a Director, it was nice not being in charge. All I had to do was bring them to rehearsals and show up for the performance. I enjoyed the Disney Tour so much. Thank you for giving us the opportunity.
— Linda Olewski- Johnson HS, FL
I liked being able to showcase all the different talents of my girls within the routine.
— Robin Fredrickson- Coach, GA