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DX Dance Team Challenge

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Updated 06.01.16

DX Dance Team Challenge Competition allows friends an opportunity to choreograph a routine and perform it in front of a live audience. 

  1. TIME: One-minute thirty seconds (1:30 min) in length. Timing begins with the first beat of the music and ends with the last beat of the music.
  2. TEAM: Each Dance Team Challenge (DTC) group may include anywhere from two (2) to five (5) dancers.
  3. COSTUMING: Costumes must be age appropriate and suitable for family viewing. Team costumes are allowed. Inappropriate costuming is illegal and will be assessed violation points.  
  4. RULES: DX general rules and guidelines apply to the Dance Team Challenge (DTC).
  5. JUDGING CRITERIA: Each DTC performance is adjudicated on difficulty [skills/combinations], execution [lack of mistakes/control], technique [placement/proper form], and showmanship [passion/confidence]. Each area is worth 25% of the score.
  6. LIMITATIONS: Dancers may compete on as many DTC performances as they want. There are no limitations.

Recipients of the DX Dance Team Challenge competition will receive $35 scholarship certificates, medals, and hold the title for one year. Dance Team Challenge recipients will be awarded for all age categories.

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