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2014 Nationals 

  • MINNESOTA ... Dates TBD - Roy Wilkins Auditorium - St. Paul, MN
  • The 2013 Nationals have been postponed.

Due to popular demand, Eclipse will be hosting a Nationals Competition in Minnesota this upcoming July 2014. Nationals dates [to be determined] at the beautiful Roy Wilkins Auditorium in St. Paul, MN. Besides amazing competition, Eclipse offers individual Skill competitions, recognition for Directors, a semi-formal Awards Banquet, and so much more. Eclipse Nationals offers competition for all ages and levels of talent. Make plans to spend 2014. Nationals in Minnesota. Great hotel discounts, social mixers and fun, fun, fun!. 

2 0 1 4   E C L I P S E   N A T I O N A L S

The 2013 Nationals has been postponed until 2014.   [Rev. 01/05/13]

Weekend of Fun

Looking for a new Nationals experience for your dancers? How about a classy Awards Banquet where attendees dress up in semi-formal attire and the Soloist High Point winners perform their award winning routine? Or Master Classes incorporated with individual Skills contests? Eclipse has it all! Check out the exciting competition schedule and social mixers offered at DX Eclipse Nationals.  All levels and styles of competition will be available. There's something for everyone at Eclipse!

2014 Eclipse Nationals Schedule


  • Solos
  • All American Interviews
  • Super Stars Skills Competition
  • Master Classes


  • Duo / Trios
  • Small Groups
  • Master Classes
  • Semi-Formal Awards Banquet and Gala


  • Small Groups
  • Large Groups
  • Master Classes
  • Purple Party 


  • Large Groups
  • Line / Production
  • Total Eclipse "Parade of Stars"
  • Finals

Dates TBD

Roy Wilkins Auditorium, MN

Schedule and events subject to change.


Semi-Formal Awards Banquet and Gala

Unique to DX events, the semi-formal Awards Banquet and Gala has always been a favorite of attendees. Tickets must be purchased in advance. 

All American Talent & Scholastic Program

The DX All American competition recognizes individuals who encompass the whole package. All American candidates are required to:

  1. submit a resume outlining school, dance and community service
  2. submit a school transcript for the grading period closest to Nationals date with a current GPA highlighted
  3. submit a letter of recommendation from director, dance teacher or school teacher - one required / may submit more
  4. submit a 250 word essay on "How Dance Inspires Me"
  5. perform a one-minute routine on site - can be a shortened version of a group or solo routine
  6. participate in a private two-minute interview on site with DX judges
  7. purchase a ticket and attend the Awards Banquet
  8. postmark registration materials (paperwork and $100 entry fee) within 30 days prior to the event and attach the DX All American Cover Sheet on top

The Top 10 will be announced during Friday nights Semi-Formal Awards Banquet and Gala. Recipients of the DX All American honor will earn scholarships, prizes and hold the title for one year. This is the highest individual honor a dancer can receive. All Americans will be awarded for all age categories.

Super Stars Skill Competitions

DX Super Stars Skill Competitions focus on one specific move. Dancers may enter all four areas of competition. DX Judges will look for overall technique, creativity, execution and difficulty and recognize the best of the best for a specific skill.

  1. TURNS: Dancers should prepare a turn sequence or combinations of up to four 8-counts of music. The Super Stars Turn Competition may vary in variety, combination, and length but may not exceed four 8-counts of music. Music will be provided by DX. 
  2. LEAPS: Switch leap, switch open, flying disc, etc. are all examples of leaps you will see during the Super Stars Leap Competition. Dancers should prepare three different leap segments. Transitions and turns may be incorporated to assist in executing the leaps but should not become the focus. Leaps should highlight a dancer's flexibility, power and strength.
  3. KICKS: Intricate kick combinations or powerful high kicks are all examples of what you'll see during the Super Star Kick Competition. Dancers should prepare four 8-counts of kicks in any combination and/or variety. Music will be provided by DX.
  4. JUMPS: Show off your triple toe touch, switch tilt jump or any combination during the Super Stars Jump Competition. Dancers should prepare three jumps or combination of jumps. Strength, power, height will be key elements along with the judging criteria listed above.

All Super Star competitors are required to purchase a ticket and attend the Awards Banquet. The Top 10 will be announced during Friday nights Semi-Formal Awards Banquet and Gala. Recipients of the DX Super Stars Skill Competitions will earn scholarships, prizes and hold the title for one year. Super Star recipients will be awarded for all age categories in all four areas - Turns, Leaps, Kicks and Jumps.

All American & Super Stars Age Categories

Mini ... 4 yr. & younger

Pee Wee ... 5 to 6 yr.

Petite ... 7 to 8 yr.

Junior ... 9 to 11 yr.

Teen ... 12 to 14 yr.

Senior (15-16) ... 15 to 16 yr. [Rev. 01/05/13]

Senior (17-19) ... 17-19 yr.  [Rev. 01/05/13]

Collegiate ... high school graduates / current college students



Total Eclipse Dancers "PARADE OF STARS"

Total Eclipse dancers will be selected at Regional Competitions to dance at Nationals during the Parade of Stars elite performance Sunday evening.

All Total Eclipse dancers are required to attend rehearsals and purchase a ticket to the Awards Banquet and Gala.  During the banquet, each Total Eclipse dancer will be presented with a crown from their studio director / teacher on stage for this amazing accomplishment.

Total Eclipse dancers will be provided with a performance top but must supply their own black booty shorts.

You won't want to miss this!


Purple Party

Dig out your purple gear and get ready for the DX Purple Party. This social mixer is for the young and young at heart. Come ready to dance the night away with the DX deejay, yummy snacks, fun photo opts and more. The DX Purple Party is a fantastic way to celebrate your accomplishments, break lose and unwind.

Master Classes

DX has scheduled Master Classes throughout the weekend of fun. Learn from experts in the dance arena. Various styles will be available for all levels of talent. It's fun fun fun!

2014 Eclipse Nationals Cost Breakdown

Cost and Timing

SOLO = 1 person ... $84 per person   Two minutes and forty-five seconds (2:45). Unlimited solo entries allowed.

DUET = 2 people ... $49 per person   Two minutes and forty-five seconds (2:45).

TRIO = 3 people ... $39 per person   Two minutes and forty-five seconds (2:45).

SMALL GROUP - 4 to 9 people ... $35 per person Three minutes (3:00).

LARGE GROUP - 10 to 19 people ... $35 per person Four minutes (4:00).

LINE / PRODUCTION = 20+ ... $35 per person Four minutes (4:00) / Six minutes (6:00).

All production entries are based on the average age of the entire group.

Additional time may be requested. Approval for extension must be received prior to competition.

Special Needs routines - FREE

Daddy/Daughter routines - FREE

Ala Carte Items

Semi-formal Awards Banquet & Gala - $38 (sit down dinner & awards program)

Purple Party - FREE for Directors and Dancers  (snacks, music, dancing and fun)

Purple Party - $15 for fans / under 5 FREE (snacks, music, dancing and fun)

Nickelodeon Universe - $20 (unlimited ride pass)

Mall of America Light Rail - $7 (transportation)

All American Talent & Scholastic Program - $100 (scholarships & prizes awarded)

Shooting Star Skill Competition - $30 (turns, leaps, kicks, and/or jumps)

Hotel Lodging - approximately $120 per room/per night - properties pending