NATL Super Star

DX Super Star Skills Competition

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DX Super Stars Skill Competitions focus on one specific technical element.

  1. TURNS: Turns should highlight a dancer's technique, variety of skills, and difficulty. Perform a turn sequence or combination using a maximum of four 8-counts.  
  2. LEAPS: Leaps should highlight a dancer's flexibility, power, and strength. Transitions and turns may be incorporated to assist in execution, but should not become the focus. Perform three different leap segments.
  3. KICKS: Kicks should highlight a dancer's technique, flexibility, and skill level. Perform any variety of kick combinations for a duration of four 8-counts.
  4. JUMPS: Jumps should highlight a dancer's strength, power, and height. Perform three separate jumps or combination of jumps.

ENTRY FEE - $35 per skill. Dancers may enter more than one category.

ATTIRE - DX prefers dancers to wear a costume during this competition. It is not required; just preferred.

Winners will be announced during the semi-formal Awards Gala Banquet on Saturday night. It is strongly encouraged that all Super Star candidates also purchase a banquet ticket.

WINNERS RECEIVE: awards, scholarships, prizes, and hold the title for one year. Super Star recipients will be awarded for all age categories, in all four areas - Turns, Leaps, Kicks, and Jumps.