3D Faculty 2015


3D Faculty Fun Facts


CHARLEIGH FRANCE - San Diego State School of Music and Dance, Julliard, Cirque du Soleil, NYC, Australia Dance Worlds choreographer, Ciara, Christina Aguilera, Busta Rhymes, LaMont Wheat, and, Twister Movement Dance.

ALYSSA NESS - Marymount Manhattan College on scholarship, NY Dance Alliance, West Coast Dance Explosion, Olympic Games, School of America Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, and the NYCDA Gala honoring Mikhail Baryshnikov.

GIGI ZIRBES - JUMP VIP dancer, Poetry in Motion member performing in Poland, In10sity, Hall of Fame, UPA, Eclipse Top Choreographer awards, lead dancer for BFFB video, and national choreographer.

FRANKIE MANNELLA - Professional actor, Improv Theater, Brave New Workshops, trained comedy Sport IO in Chicago and Second City, studied dance with professionals at NYCDA, Jump, 24/7/ and Nuvo, YES owner, and developed "Mannella System" dance/choreo training. 

KATIE PEYTON - Founder & Owner of Limitless You Health, Dance Worlds Champion, professional dancer, Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Conditioning Expert, educator on "Fueling Your Body For Success", and turns and technique trainer.

CHRISTINE MANNELLA - Studied at Stage Door of Performing Arts, award winning dancer, masters degree in Psychotherapy, trained in Improv at YES and Studios, IO, and Huge Theatre, and developed "Mannella System" dance/choreo. training.

LISA SALINE - Founder & President of UPA, DX-Dance Xtreme USA, international speaker and judge, NHL Electric Stars, Eclipse, Majestic, Amaze Studio Competitions, USASF Dance Worlds and Advisory Board, and MVC Hall of Fame.

JESSIKA LEONARD - Studied alongside world renowned dancers in New York City, Minnesota Conservatory for Art, national competitor and award winner, minor in dance, USASF Dance Worlds Judge Assistant, regional and  judge, and DX Judge Director.


MARY TARLEY - Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Co., Chicago Dance Crash, Ballet of Los Angeles, Invertigo Dance Theatre, Italy's Compangnia Zappala, London's Rambert, and Paris' Danse du Marais.

ANGELA NIEMAN -USASF Dance Worlds Champion coach, studio owner, UPA Hall of Fame, National Dance Coach/Teacher of the Year, DX Legacy Award, personal trainer, and conditioning expert.

DEANNA TETNER  - California Bay training, former studio owner, national choreography award recipient, U of Louisville-Ladybirds, U of MN Golden Gophers, MSUM Univ. Repertory Dance Co., and NDA Head instructor and Curriculum Choreographer.

MISTY LOWN - More Than Just Great Dancing, DanceLife Conference, and PULSE Teacher Convention speaker, Australian Teachers of Dancing, Hollywood Connection, Dance Studio Life Magazine writer, and, studied in NYC, LA, and London.



Faculty and schedule subject to change.