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Lisa Saline

DX Founder and President

Lisa’s love for dance began at the age of three when her mother enrolled her in dance, cheerleading, baton, and gymnastics, where she won multiple group and individual awards as a competitive athlete. During high school, showcasing her dance talent, Lisa was crowned Miss Teen of Minnesota.

Lisa attended St. Cloud State University graduating with a degree in Speech Communications, Public Relations/Marketing, and a minor in dance. Upon graduation, Lisa launched her company UPA in 1987, which later evolved into Dance Xtreme USA (DX).

In 1984, Lisa made history when she was selected as one of the original members of the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders (MVC), where she still serves as an Ambassador for the MVC Alumni Association.  She was the head coach for the St. Cloud State University Dance/Cheer Team and, in 1988, led them to a sixth place finish at the National Dance Alliance Collegiate National Championship (NDA).

Always an innovator, in 1990, she developed the NHL’s first ever professional cheer/dance team, the Electric Stars, for the Minnesota North Stars. Lisa coached this group for four years until the team relocated to Dallas, Texas.

Lisa has taken her skills and applied them to numerous bowl games (Outback, Carquest, and Liberty Bowl) and halftime shows, most notably for her collaboration with the 1992 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

She is the founder of the DX AmeriCup Dance Championship, Amaze, Majestic, Eclipse, DX Studio Nationals,  3D Dance Convention and Teacher Workshop, DX Judges Association, and co-creator of the UPA/ANP International Cuam Cup in Mexico.  Over the past sixteen years, Lisa has directed the DX Disney Performance Tour in Florida. In 2019, DX will be debuting the inaugural NYC Tour.

Lisa has contributed to the dance industry through positions in various organizations.  She was a charter member of the National All-Star Cheerleading Coaches Congress (NACCC), served as the Inaugural Chair for the Spirit Industry Trade Association (SITA), and played a vital role as a founding member of the National Council for Spirit Safety and Education (NCSSE), and continues to promote safety education worldwide. 

In August 2010, Lisa was voted by her colleagues in the spirit industry as Chair of the Independent Event Producers (IEP). Lisa is a proud owner and partner of THE ONE Finals, a year end event exclusive to champions around the USA. Mrs. Saline is a member of the ADCC (Association of Dance Conventions & Competitions) and is excited to reward outstanding programs/studios with the ADCC Studio of Excellence honor at each DX Event.

Lisa is still an active member on numerous committees within the United States All Star Federation (USASF) Dance Worlds, including the Rules, Sanctioning, and Judges Selection Committees.  Additionally, she has an essential role on the Dance National Advisory Committee (DNAC) and was elected for a sixth term on the USASF National Advisory Board.

Ms. Saline has published writings for Dance Spirit, InMotion, Inside Cheerleading, Inside Dance, Cheer Coach & Advisors, All Star Cheer Magazine, American Cheerleader, The Cheering Review, Cheer Biz, Let’s Cheer, Kickline, and Sharing the Spirit. She also published a commemorative book titled, “The First Twenty-Five Years of the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders.”

Lisa is considered an icon in the cheer and dance industry, traveling around the world judging, teaching, speaking, and training within the industry. Lisa has been honored with multiple awards over the years, but her most cherished are; being selected as one of the Spirit Industry’s 25 Most Influential People and, in 2009, being inducted into the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders Hall of Fame.

After the adoption of her daughter, she and her husband, Roger, created Peyton’s Promise, a philanthropic initiative to raise grant money to assist in finalizing adoptions. To date, Peyton’s Promise has raised $35,000 and helped ten babies/families find forever homes. Lisa has always believed in Carpe Diem, which means “Seize the Day.”  Her advice to the young leaders of tomorrow is to go for your dreams and believe that anything is possible.