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DX Super Star Skills Competition

Updated 02.13.18

DX Super Stars Skill Competitions focus on one specific move. Dancers may enter all four areas of competition. DX provides music for Super Star competition. NEW - Candidates should wear any costume during this event.

  1. TURNS: Turns should highlight a dancer's technique, variety of skills, and difficulty. Perform a turn sequence or combination using a maximum of four 8-counts.  
  2. LEAPS: Leaps should highlight a dancer's flexibility, power, and strength. Transitions and turns may be incorporated to assist in execution, but should not become the focus. Perform three different leap segments.
  3. KICKS: Kicks should highlight a dancer's technique, flexibility, and skill level. Perform any variety of kick combinations for a duration of four 8-counts.
  4. JUMPS: Jumps should highlight a dancer's strength, power, and height. Perform three separate jumps or combination of jumps.

All candidates will receive participation medals. The top three places in each division will be announced following the competition during the individual awards ceremony. 

WINNERS: Recipients of the DX Super Stars Skill Competitions will receive $35 scholarship certificates, trophy, and hold the title for one year. Super Star recipients will be awarded for all age categories, in all four areas - Turns, Leaps, Kicks, and Jumps.

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