Class Descriptions

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Class Descriptions

Updated as of 7/28/14

VIP* - classes for directors, teachers, assistants, and coaches - proper identification required

VIP attendees are NOT required to attend special sessions. They may observe any regular dance session desired.

Auditions 101

The "Auditions 101" session will go in depth about stage presence, interview techniques, performance tips, and include a mock interview segment. A short combo will be taught that will be REQUIRED for the actual DX scholarship auditions.

Cleaning Routines - VIP*

You know you have a fantastic routine, but it's just not being performed the way you intended. Learn tips on how you can clean and perfect a routine to get the most out of the material for on stage performances and competitions.


The Contemporary class will combine all genres of dance into one including, but not limited to; ballet, jazz, lyrical, and hip hop. The class will focus on technique, showmanship, and artistry. The session will begin with a warm up and conclude with a combination.

Fueling Your Body For Success

Dancers will learn how to fuel their bodies for practice and competition with the healthiest foods and best nutrition. In addition to getting a lesson in nutrition basics and how to eat a healthy and balanced diet, dancers will become mini experts in what to eat before and after activity, the best foods for recovery, strength, and preventing injuries. In addition, they'll leave with information on creating and packing healthy snacks that will fuel their bodies in and out of dance.

Hip Hop

DX believes that it is important when students are learning hip hop, they understand where it originated from and the ability to showcase the differences in the styles that encompass hip hip dancing.The Hip Hop session will incorporate the history of hip hop while teaching various combinations that will include some of today's most popular styles, such as: popping, locking, breaking, and more. This class will not cover ground work due to space limitations. The Hip Hop session will begin with a warm up, focus on isolations of the body, and additional foundations, then conclude with a combination. 


During the traditional jazz session, dancers will be taught an equal balance of technique and performance. DX emphasizes the use of dynamics, along with musicality and rhythm. Session will include elements across the floor and conclude with a combination. 

Jazz - VIP*

A jazz combination will be taught to teachers/coaches.

Jazz Funk / Street Jazz

This class will focus on the specific street style of Jazz/Funk while helping dancers use their bodies to enhance musicality, accents, and rhythms. This is different than Hip Hop and does not involve any type of break dancing/ground work. No tricks, pirouettes, or battements will be taught during this session. The Jazz/Funk session will include: a warm up, centre work, isolation intensive, and conclude with a combination.

Leaps & Turns

This session will kick-off with a warm up, followed by skills across the floor. The class will also work on various combinations emphasizing core work to help improve leaps and turns.


During DX's Lyrical session, an emphasis will be placed on movement that enhances the lyrics of a song and should not be confused with Contemporary or Modern.  Lyrical incorporates ballet influences, as well as, displaying technique and portraying emotion and passion. The Lyrical session will assist the dancers in further developing their technical skills and help foster ideas on how to improve their performance; whether it be simply by interpreting the lyrics, coming up with a story, or anything that connects the dancer to the movement. The Lyrical session will begin with a warm up, followed by; centre exercises, movement across the floor, and conclude with a combination.

Musical Theatre

Our Musical Theatre class promises to eXplode with excitement as DX encourages dancers to bring out their inner star along with intense jazz technique. The class will focus greatly on stage presence with a high energy combination to one of today's most popular Broadway musical songs.

Networking - VIP*

Sharing, sharing, and more sharing during a private teacher luncheon.


Learn how a fantastic pom routine is choreographed utilizing pom tricks and visuals that will impress judges and fans everywhere. The pom session will begin with a short warm up, work on basic pom motions and tips, then conclude with a short combination. Don't forget to bring your poms!

Pom - VIP*

A pom combination will be taught to teachers/coaches.

Progressions & Transitions - VIP*

A variety of progression combinations and transition examples will be discussed and how these important elements can accentuate a routine's choreography. The session will conclude with short combinations that can be incorporated into future routines.

Stage Tricks - VIP*

In this session, DX will discuss exercises that can be performed with your dancers to improve overall stage tricks. Every dancer wants to be able to flip these days, but not all are gymnasts. This class will help find that happy medium incorporating the most popular tricks seen in competition and shows today.

Studio Life Coach - VIP*

For directors, teachers, and coaches who know that nutrition is KEY in having a healthy and strong team. Become the nutrition expert and learn the technique of teaching and encouraging your dancers HOW to fuel their bodies for practice and competitions, how to eat for recovery, how to create and pack healthy snacks, and how to respect their bodies as an athletic instrument. You’ll also be equipped with resources to answer questions from your dancers regarding basic nutrition, body image, self-esteem, and making healthy choices.


In the tap session, DX will focus on rhythms, musicality, shading, and the dynamics of tap.The session will begin with a warm up working on ankle strength and differentiating the sounds of the foot. The class will include across the floor skills and conclude with a fun combination. 

Tap - VIP*

A tap combination will be taught to teachers/coaches.

Teaching Leaps & Turns - VIP*

Attendees will be taught a curriculum they can use throughout the season to help their dancers perfect their technique. The later part of this session will be open for discussion and Q&A. This session is recommended for competitive studios and/or performance based dance groups.

Teaching Technique - VIP*

Everyone wants to know the secrets to teaching technique. Learn helpful tips that will improve basic technique for all levels of dancers during this session.

The Judge Perspective - VIP*

Attendees will learn how judges interpret a score sheet, differentiate between skill levels, ages, and styles, as well as what's expected based on the criteria.

Time Management - VIP*

Learn tips to help manage your work load and allow more to be accomplished during a set number of hours rather than taking over your life. Organizational tips, delegating strategies, and allowing yourself to "let go," so able to enjoy life are also discussed.