D Testimonials

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Great way to get in a vacation and chance for my daughter to work with a professional choreographer and perform in the happiest place on earth. Lisa and Team DX put on a great show and tour here in Disney. This was our 2nd time doing the DX Disney Tour and my daughter and I would both do it again. Thank you for all the hard work.
— Melanie Polansky, Parent
I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know how appreciative I am for the experience you gave me and my girls. We had so much fun. I was super impressed with every aspect of the Disney tour. I don’t even have enough words to express to you how grateful I am that we were all a part of your DX family. Thank you!
— Jessica Romano, Romano Acro Dance Academy
Wonderful job to all of the dancers. Your performance was really fun to watch!
— Cory Meyo, Dance by Design
It was so much fun getting to know all the dancers and their families over the few days at Walt Disney World. I loved seeing the passion in the dancers and the show was incredible! It was a magical opportunity to dance there and experience the DX Disney Tour!
— Thomas Nguyen, DX Staff
The DX Disney Tour was organized, offered tons of free time, and made it easy on me, the Director. All families set-up their own accounts and made payments direct to DX. Wow! We’ll be back!
— Melissa Guse, New Hope Dance
The DX Disney Trip is well organized, family friendly, and gives a special opportunity for your dancer. The DX Staff members are wonderful. My dancer raves about how much fun the staff is too!
— Lisa Dutton, Parent
Thank you for an unforgettable experience that I will hold close to my heart forever!
— Sarah Lombardoni, Parent
We really had fun and enjoyed our time. The girls are already asking to go again. Thank you DX for a wonderful time. You guys did amazing hosting!
— Tina Bohnsack, Parent
The DX Staff were all exceptional. It was great to see them at the parks in line for rides and have them say hi. Very friendly and approachable.
— Myranda Turner, Parent
Lisa and stff are amazing. Perfect mix of dance and Disney fun. Amazing week. Thank you DX for the memories!
— Megan Timm, Parent
Our trip has been wonderful. DX goes about and beyond to treat their dancers (and families) to an amazing Disney experience. Would highly recommend anyone joining the DX crew for this experience. Love that the DX staff is so happy all the time. It is great to see that!
— Lisa Zuehlke, Kelly's Dance Acad.
Heading home with a tired dancer after an amazing trip. Thank you Lisa and everyone at DX for such a fun once in a lifetime experience here at Disney. Watching my angel on stage and all the dancers having so much fun was beyond awesome! Thank you Charleigh for your choreography. Thank you Ashley for helping with registration. I’m beyond blessed.
— Nicole Middendorf, Parent
The DX Disney Tour was a great time!
— Michelle Bell, Studio Vibe
We are ready to dance at Disney Springs! Thanks Lisa and the AMAZING DX STAFF for a fantastic experience!
— Sandy Hawkinson, Parent
This is an amazing trip! Took my dancers a few tours ago, easy and no stress for me! I actually got to enjoy a dance vacation and watch my dancers on stage from the audience... hoping to go again!!
— Stacey Beach, Dance Impressions
Thank you for a spectacular week at Disney that was topped off with a phenomenal performance filled with so many talented dancers. We made memories that will last a lifetime.
— Sara Narr, Dance Revue
The girls had an absolutely amazing time. They want to go on the DX Disney trip again. Their favorite parts were performing on stage, making new friends, meeting the characters and enjoying the dinner /dance and the DX staff. Everyone was so personable and the entire trip well organized. We will return.”
— Stephanie Tryba, Lincoln HS
We all had a fabulous time. The DX staff is amazing!
— Jackie Belde, Tempo Dance
Thank you DX for a truly amazing experience with wonderful memories! Everything was just perfect!
— Carrie Fitts, Dance A Cross
One of our BEST Disney trips ever. We loved it all!
— Tamara Sundby, New Hope Dance
Thank you Lisa and all the staff at DX. My family had a great time. You made our first trip a very memorable one!
— Julie Kast, Creative Motion
Love, love, love your staff. They made everyone feel included. We had so much fun. It was magical!
— Chelle Sauro, Maggie J's
Hey Lisa
I just wanted to thank you and the awesome young ladies that helped you for all the hard work you guys did for the DX Disney event. I was amazed at how the groups came together and at what a wonderful performance they put on. Again, thank you for all of the hard work you put into making that such a wonderful and memorable experience not only for the dancers, but for all of the friends and families that we there also.
Thank you very much!!!
— Bobby-Jo Watson-Cray, Parent
I loved performing with dancers from all over. I still keep in touch with them too. Dancing at Disney was a blast. Thanks DX!
— Tyrena Murch- Dancer, MN
I’m so very happy I decided to leave Sunday instead of Saturday. Adelle is going to be so excited about the Character Breakfast on Saturday morning.
— Claire Sutton- Parent, MA
I chose Disney as our Senior trip because I wanted something extra-special for my girls. I’ve taught them since they were toddlers. To see them dance at Disney is something I’ll never forget.
— Nancy Anderson- Director, IL
I will never forget dancing at Disney and being inducted as an official Disney Cast Member. Thanks so much!
— Nyeja Warner- Dancer, GA
We make this our one big trip. Our school only allows us one event every three years. DX and Disney are our choice
— Sara Nystuen- Concordia Academy, MN
It was a fun trip for my entire family and great to watch my daughter dance on a Disney stage.
— John McMahon- Parent, TX
Loved having free time at the parks and performing instead of competing. It was more fun!
— Rebecca Johnson- Anderson HS, OK
We truly enjoyed this magical opportunity of a lifetime!
— Carol Whitmore- Parent, NJ
As a Director, it was nice not being in charge. All I had to do was bring them to rehearsals and show up for the performance. I enjoyed the Disney Tour so much. Thank you for giving us the opportunity.
— Linda Olewski- Johnson HS, FL
I liked being able to showcase all the different talents of my girls within the routine.
— Robin Fredrickson- Coach, GA