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DX Dance Team Challenge

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Updated 02.13.18

DX Dance Team Challenge Competition allows friends an opportunity to choreograph a routine and perform it in front of a live audience. 

  1. TIME: One-minute thirty seconds (1:30 min) in length. Timing begins with the first beat of the music and ends with the last beat of the music.
  2. TEAM: Each Dance Team Challenge (DTC) group may include anywhere from two (2) to five (5) dancers.
  3. COSTUMING: Costumes must be age appropriate and suitable for family viewing. Team costumes are allowed. Inappropriate costuming is illegal and will be assessed violation points.  
  4. RULES: DX general rules and guidelines apply to the Dance Team Challenge (DTC).
  5. JUDGING CRITERIA: Each DTC performance is adjudicated on difficulty [skills/combinations], execution [lack of mistakes/control], technique [placement/proper form], and showmanship [passion/confidence]. Each area is worth 25% of the score.
  6. LIMITATIONS: Dancers may compete on as many DTC performances as they want. There are no limitations.

All candidates will receive participation medals. The top three places in each division will be announced following the competition during the individual awards ceremony. Winners of the DX Dance Team Challenge will receive $35 scholarship certificates, trophies, and hold the title for one year. Dance Team Challenge recipients will be awarded for all age categories.

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