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Why Choose Eclipse?

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Our first experience at Eclipse was excellent. As a teacher, I am grateful for the realistic judging. The result may not have always been the desired one, but my students, staff and I walked away with concrete comments we could apply to improve dancer technique and performance.

I also appreciated the novice, intermediate and advanced levels of competition as well as the organization surrounding the entire events. Multiple competition levels enables all dancers an opportunity to succeed! And thank you for being on time with kind, helpful backstage staff.

My parents and dancers enjoyed the event, too. Small tokens of appreciation such as a dance bag for each participant go a long way! In the end, our studio hopes to make this an annual event!
— Maria Pomerleau, Lake Area Dance Center
After 8 years of attending multiple competitions each year, DX Eclipse is by far the BEST competition I’ve every attended!
• signs providing directions to venue and dressing rooms
• 2 sets of judges giving them time to provide valuable feedback
• fairly quick award ceremonies
• multiple award ceremonies vs. one long one
• lots of fun vendors
• cool keepsakes for the girls
• recognition of directors
• personalized awards from the judges
• extremely well organized • multiple people handing out awards
Kudos to you and your crew! I hope we can come back!
— Jill Anderson, parent
Judging art, creativity, and dance is innately an emotional and personal choice - yet as judges we are asked to remove all personal thought and preference from our scores and base our decision solely on the score sheet criteria. Eclipse has given us an incredible opportunity as judges to finally recognize the pieces we connect with personally. This award is much more meaningful to me than any I have had the pleasure to give out in all my years as a dance judge and I look forward to every Eclipse event because of it.
— Cheetah Platt, Judge
Eclipse is on-time, every time. Have you ever been sitting at an event on a Sunday night at 10 PM waiting for awards? I have, and it’s not fun. Eclipse starts on time and ends on time. Our teachers, students, and parents can plan their day with confidence knowing that if Eclipse says they are going to compete at 3 PM, they will.

Eclipse makes my kids work. To be honest, Eclipse is the first competition we have attended where our kids got more Golds than Platinums. They weren’t real happy about it, but they did double their efforts when they got home. Now, they look forward to Eclipse as “the event” of the year and work earnestly toward their platinum goals.
— Misty Lown, Misty's Dance Unlimited
I love that Eclipse allows you to enter as many solos as you want and all are eligible for titles at no extra charge. It shouldn’t be about who can afford to enter a title competition, but rather who is the best dancer that weekend. Thank you!
— Alyssa Ness, Dancer
The Eclipse online registration system is fantastic and easy to use. Whenever I needed help, someone from DX was right there.
— Mary Eide, Energy Dance Center
We’ve been attending Eclipse since it debuted and love it more every year. It’s our favorite competition ever!
— Jennifer Tell, The Dance Factory
Just had to send you a note.....2nd year at Eclipse - and loved it just as much as the first year! I know a lot of our dancers went to another event because it seemed to be an easier competition. We did both - and if I had to pick, I would pick Eclipse. I feel your judging is very fair, you run on time and SO smoothly. Ava received her score sheets last night. She has so much to work on, yet your judges were SO encouraging. She loved that one judge gave her 2 bonus points! But really - yes, they critiqued but also were great at commenting on what she was doing right - which there has been a lack of this year. I hope we do Eclipse as an all-studio comp next year. Thanks for running such a great event!
— Jennifer Seidel, Parent
We’ve been competing at Eclipse and love the philosophy, honesty and entire program they put together. Eclipse is on our competition schedule each year.
— Betty Jo Schmitt, Betty Jo's Dance Center
I had so much fun at Eclipse! I really liked the gifts, the big stage and all the judges.
— Celia Cook, Dancer
Thanks to you and the whole DX staff. This past weekend was such a great experience for us, our students, and our parents. Your competition was so organized and it ran nice and smooth the whole weekend long. We’ll be back.
— Joshua Pawelk, Star Seekers Production
I completely agree with your philosophy of using the full range of awards; from Silver to Platinum, based on how a dancer performs for their age and level. I also love the beautiful banners and plaques presented for the awards. Thank you for a great weekend at Eclipse.
— Tristina Timm, Stella Dance Studio
We compete at many events but Eclipse is the competition my dancers talk about all year long.
— Stacey Beach, Dance Impressions
We loved the great gifts for the teachers and dancers. The Eclipse staff was kind and helpful. The competition very well organized. I was most impressed with the awards and how you presented them quickly, along with the extra special awards and on stage presentations by the judges. The Swarovski plaque highlighting every performance is proudly displayed at my studio; and I don’t need to make room for more trophies. We can’t wait to return to Eclipse next year.
— Rebecca Gladhill, New Prague Dance Co.
We were so happy with Eclipse. Parents loved that awards followed shortly after performing. Dancers loved all the special awards. I loved how organized everything was. Thanks for a great experience. We have Eclipse on our schedule for next year.
— Melisa Berberena, DanceWorks
It’s always fun to watch the Daddy/Daughter performances and even better when its free. The Dads had a great time!
— Shelley Roush, Betty Jo's Dance Center
We loved the competition. The parents were so happy the whole weekend. The students were very excited to be there and they loved the pins and gifts. Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend. See you next year!
— Bobbi Disrud, Fancy Dancin'
I wanted to write and tell you how much we enjoyed Eclipse. You obviously understand judging is key to a quality competition. You certainly had that by supplying multiple panels of judges specializing in the style of dance they scored. Because the judges evaluated every other dance, they had a chance to provide real feedback which was helpful and encouraging. This format allows parents to watch amazing talent without a long break between performances.
— Teresa Rolf, Northland School of Dance
Thank you Eclipse! We love our banners and proudly displayed them at our studio.
— Penny & Ed Walter, Center Stage Dance Studio

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