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Updated 06.01.13



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DX Officials arrive in referee coordinating attire.

DX Officials arrive in referee coordinating attire.

Why Hire DX?

The DX Judges Association (DXJA) was developed based on requests from Minnesota Dance Team Coaches. Since it's debut in 2009, DXJA has been providing qualified judges who understand rules, requirements and scoring criteria for the MSHSL.  DX Promises...

 • Qualified officials with extensive backgrounds

• MSHSL requirements completed

• Well educated and professionally trained

• DX Members successfully completed all requirements for the Judges Association


What Others Are Saying

"It has been refreshing to see DX enter the arena with identifying attire.  You make your association stand out in a very professional manner."

Peggy, Parent & Meet Coordinator 

 "We appreciated the ease, professionalism, and service DX judges provided for us."

Ted Schultz, Student Activities Director, Minnetonka HS

"DX is professional and extremely helpful in all aspects of dance competitions. DX helped us run our first home dance competition in over a decade and with their assistance it was a wonderful success.  I would highly recommend DX, not only because of their professionalism in judging, but also for their dedicated mission of helping kids and dance programs succeed."

Darren Ginther, Athletic Director, Thomas Edison HS 

"It was great having DX judge this year, and I look forward to working with the DX Judges Association next year."

Gary Revenig, Activities Director, Monticello HS

"I've heard nothing but great things about DX."

Kathi Stauffacher, Head Coach, Belle Plaine HS

"Just a note to say that we had a great experience this season with the DX Judges Association at competitions. Thanks!."

Jennifer Dalager, Head Coach, Byron HS

"This was my first year working with DX, and I appreciated your patience during all the planning. I love when things come together so well!"

Bethany Morrissey, Co-Head Coach, John Marshall HS

What DXJA provides …

  1. Schedules qualified and trained officials for your meet.
  2. Provides a complete list of officials, tab personnel and kick counter/timers contact info prior to the meet.
  3. Prepares the MSHSL computerized tabulation system in advance and has it ready-to-go for your meet, invitational or sections.
  4. Brings along score sheet copies prepared with team names and competition order to the meet ready to go.
  5. Brings a laptop AND printer to the meet. All we need is is a private room for our Tab Team with access to a copier and we're ready to go!
  6. Our judges arrive on time and come prepared with Tally Sheets and DX's unique judging shorthand for the most efficient scoring. This enables the meet to run efficiently and on time.
  7. Provides a complete recap of scoring in print form.

Your responsibilities …

  1. Contact DX to request officials for your meet.

  2. Reserve space needed for judge room, tab room, reserved seating in stands, etc.

  3. Put your coach in contact with DXJA Judge Schedulor to assist in competition schedule and timing if needed.  DX offers this service for free.

  4. Write ONE CHECK to DX Judges Association. No need to collect individual paperwork.

  5. Sit back and enjoy the competition!    

Officiating Fees …

The officials pay scale is based on the total number of routines at the meet (single or dual sided).


Mileage Compensation …

DX will make every attempt to assign officials closest to the host school. When this isn't possible, schools outside the Twin Cities metro area will be charged  $.30/per mile round trip per car from the official's home. Mapquest will be used to determine total mileage.  If more than 4 officials are needed, the host school will be assessed two mileage fees.