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Unique Training For DX Members 

DX Officials go through an extensive training program teaching skills, difficulty levels, applying points to the MSHSL score sheet and most importantly, the unique shorthand system. The DX shorthand system allows officials to write down the entire routine in a shorthand form without having their eyes leave the floor. Once the routine is finished, officials refer to their notes while determining the appropriate score line item by line item. This system provides a higher level of accurate judging in a timely manner.

DX encourages coaches to learn the shorthand and DX Judging System. 

Want to become a DX judge for Minnesota High School Dance Teams? 

Updated 06.01.13

Last Training Opportunity for DXJA

Contact DXJA today  dxja@DXevents.com


Complete the application and return to DX Judges Association.


New Member Application

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Renewal Application

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DXJA Official Uniform

No need to figure out what to wear each time you go out to judge a meet.  Similar to referees at other sporting events, DXJA offers uniform options at affordable costs. Judges can also earn theirs for free. Ask us how!

 DXJA Uniform Order Form


Dates To Remember

TODAY - Register As An Official With MSHSL

Sat.  / 09.28.13 - New Member Training  [10 AM - 3 PM]

Sat. / 10.05.13 - Rules Interpretation Meeting  [12 PM - 4 PM]

Mon. / 10.14.13 - Online Rules Meeting & Officials Exam OPENS

Sat. / 10.26.13 - Deadline To Register With DXJA

Sat. / 10.26.13 - TAB TRAINING [12 PM - 2 PM]

Sat. / 10.26.13 - MANDATORY Membership Meeting & MSHSL Exam Review [2 PM - 4 PM]

Tue. / 11.05.13 -  - Deadline To Register With The MSHSL

Tue. / 11.05.13 - Deadline To Complete Rules & Officials Exam

Sun. / 12.01.13 - Deadline To Apply For A State Judge Position